Fences: Is it Worth Your Time?

Who doesn’t love Denzel? I know I do. But I must say I haven’t been impressed with his most recent projects. I mean Magnificent Seven wasn’t exactly his best work. However with this film, he’s given me something to remind me why he’s still got it!  Starring in and directing a screen adaptation of August Wilson’s play Fences, Denzel is reprising a role he won a Tony Award for on Broadway. And with the film boasting nearly the entire cast from the play including fellow Tony winner Viola Davis, the cards are stacked in its favor. Denzel’s portrayal of Troy is so authentic and emotionally raw that I was not bothered by the 2:19 running time. Wilson’s powerful writing provides so many depths to Denzel’s Troy that the film is really an intricate character study. But it’s not just Denzel who shines here. Viola Davis is always up to the task. She has no problem depicting Troy’s wife Rose, who has some of the films best lines. I will warn you though, this film stays true to its source material. At least 85% of the movie takes place at in the same location. So I definitely felt like I was watching a play on the big screen. That being said, this one is definitely  worth your time…and a bottle of wine with some good friends to discuss it with afterwards. Well done Denzel, well done.
Fences: 5 out of 5 Twizzlers 


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