Collateral Beauty: Is it Worth Your Time?

Will Smith is back and he’s traded his former trade mark summer blockbuster for a more reflective somber winter drama. In this film, Smith pulls off a convincing role as a grieving father unable to move forward. It’s as if he went back to that scene in The Fresh Prince when Will asks Uncle Phil why his dad doesn’t love him. Come on now, y’all remember that scene! He knew then and knows now how to make this Filmstress cry. And there’s a lot of cry worthy moments here. Although it only has a mere 1:35 running time, it covered such a heavy topic that the film seemed to drag on at times. So, to lighten it a bit, they send in Helen Mirren to save the day! Her lighthearted yet endearing manner was just what this movie needed. I just wish they had put in more of it. With a solid cast, some well placed laughs and a few interesting plot twists, I recommend checking this one out. 

Collateral Beauty: 4 out of 5 Twizzlers


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