Moana: 4 out of 5 Twizzlers

After putting out hits like Frozen and Zootopia (both of which I was pleasantly surprised by) Disney sans Pixar, finally has some street cred! So when I saw the trailer for Moana, I was all set for another surprise hit! So I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed! Oh Moana, how I loved your character! Fearless and ambitious but still very likeable, she proved that every Disney heroine does not have to be looking for love. Moana was more successful and subtle with this notion than Pixar’s fiery Merida. I got so wrapped up in the original storyline that I didn’t even consider where Moana’s true love was hiding. To top it all off, Dwayne Johnson’s voice talent was perfection as Maui, the larger than life demigod who partners with Moana on her journey. Kudos to Disney for their recent streak and here’s hoping it continues! This Disney kid needs her fix 😍


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